We create interactive experiences to explore the Bible.

Why is this important?

  • Spiritual Impact: Millions of people get an opportunity to engage in the life and time of Jesus.
  • Social Impact: Game experiences enhance empathy for serious situations and strenghten the awareness for the value of a Christian image of man and world view.
  • Financial Impact: There is a significant number of Gamers in our target group, which makes high quality products an interesting investment.

We strive for excellence –
cause we have seen enough bad bible games.

Market Size:

34 million

play video games

2.45 billion

people worldwide
play video games

134.9 billion

$ are spent yearly
for video games

Our Product:

Business Case:

Users of Digital Games

2.45 billion


Target Group

9.4 million


Product Price

7.99$ per episode

published in 6 episodes 2020-2022


Investment opportunities:

START funding
09 / 2018

300 k €

Prototype 03/19

2nd stage funding:
12 / 2019

4 M €

episode 1  2/20

3rd stage funding:


episode 3-6 til 03/22

Interested in investing?